The friends of St Thomas'
The picturesque market town of Stanhope has the beautiful church of St Thomas at its heart overlooking the market place and the Castle. The church has looked out over the town for centuries, and has been a huge part of the lives of the residents living in the surrounding areas providing and supporting many essential religious services and communal activities. The fabric of the church and its priceless contents are an integral part of Stanhope and their survival is the prime object of the Friends of St Thomas’ Church.

We as a group wish to maintain the fabric of the Church so that future generations will be able to use the Church for Christenings, Weddings & Funerals.

To become a Friend requires a subscription of £10 / year. This allows anyone to take part in and enjoy social events throughout the year.
There are newsletters which can be emailed or collected from the Church and events to attend throughout a 12 month period, along with any projects that are ongoing. Download the membership form HERE or alternatively you can collect one direct from the Church, forms are to be handed in to your bank with a £10 standing order.
Any further information about future events and projects can be seen HERE.

Membership renewal form HERE.